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Mark's Story

When I founded Mark H. Carson & Associates, P.C. in 1991, it was with the clear intention of setting my own particular style and course of practicing public accounting, and to create opportunities for the people who work with me to do the same.

Deb Zeigler had started working with me in 1989 and is the first example of an accountant who combined her considerable knowledge, BS, MS, and talents with our comfortable group setting. She has created a thriving business and individual advisory that serves our group, while we serve to enhance her available services.

In her footsteps have followed:

Mary Payne (1995) - our ever-present, ever-British greeter and official overseer of an efficient office;

Emily Hooten (1998) - our senior tax manager and reviewer, and the key person in our successful navigation of the income and estate tax world;

Vonda Modlin (2000) - Emily's right-hand person, from whom she has learned her considerable skills of bringing complex returns together for the best outcome;

Carol Bailiff (2002) - my own trusted associate for assignments I prefer to remain especially close to, and who has put her own imprint on all that she does;

Judith Waligorski (2005) - our senior accountant/over-achiever who works with Deb and uses her varied degrees (CPA/PFS/CFP®) and interests to solve financial problems and assist with the Department of Revenue of Colorado;

Natalie Swartz (2005) - a senior tax manager who is literally the heart beat of our firm while she manages a growing list of clients and keeps our tax software functioning efficiently;

Ophelia Chu (2005) - a senior tax manager and another trusted associate who works closely with me to manage my client activities while successfully expanding her own client base;

Jennifer Lewis (2009) - started here as an administrative assistant but has switched to accounting and has earned her coveted CPA certificate;

Justin Haan (2012) -- joined us to organize our document and file room operations and has energetically managed that vital section of our office along with our IT functions;

Katie Clements (2013) -- joined us to work in a variety of para-legal roles and to keep our business advisory functions vital and fresh;

Jennie Pierce (2014) -- joined us as a staff accountant and has quickly established herself as a "go-to person".

Nataliya Isupova (2014) -- started assisting us on a seasonal basis and was so helpful that she is now working full-time in the Assembly and Processing Department.

In 2015, we welcomed CPA's John David and Mike Burgess. Then in 2016, Senior Accountant Iris Newsome joined our team, along with Staff Accountant Blake Norton. The newest addition to our outstanding professional staff is Sharon Lambott.

And last, but not at all the least, I like to say that there has been one Mark H. Carson in the firm's history and only three office managers - an incredible testimony to the quality individuals we place in that position, and to the current resident Office Manager, Nancy Carter, who joined us in 2013 and has cemented her role in the future of this group.

A number of equally talented CPA's have worked with us and have been inspired to leave to follow their own visions, and we are both proud and happy for them. But this core group listed here has learned to work together and enjoy each other's company, and indeed to make us who we are today. And who we are has also been shaped by the ongoing and invaluable assistance and support from my wife, Margaret! None of this would have been possible without her tireless support of everything we do.

For more than a few years, I have believed that our firm was as much a function of our "associates" as it was about me. As much as we have all valued this name around which we have built our community recognition, and as partial as I am to my own name on the door, I am both happy and proud to recognize the contribution of each member of our firm to making it all happen the way it does and announce that we will now go forward as Boulder CPA Group.

Nothing else will change; this is not a disguised retirement announcement. I still love to come to work every day; I love the group of people I work with. And I have an incredibly strong desire to see what a Congress that eventually has to actually do something will give us to work with and shape our lives. Much is at stake, and we have all worked too hard to think we can just wait to see what happens. We will be looking ahead; and to all, I will simply repeat the words of my favorite police desk sergeant… "Let's be careful out there, people!" That's how I see my job.